Sardar Ahmadi
Sardar Ahmadi is a hardworking 12th grade student in ROYA’s program in Bamyan.

Written by Sardar Ahmadi and republished from Pioneer English Center’s August 2018 Newspaper

During my childhood, I faced many challenges. My father is a policeman. I admire him and his ability to be aware of various situations and his understanding of the people of our community. He works all the time and has a lot of responsibility. We have a farm, but since my father is at work most of the time, it fell to me to do most of the chores. Besides the farm work I had to help my mother by bringing her fresh water and food supplies from the market. I also had a job in the evening in a bakery from 5-10 pm. It made me so tired working day and night.

My busy schedule made it difficult to communicate with my friends. While I was working, some of my friends would attend English classes and communicate in English. I had neither the time nor the money to attend such classes. However, over time I became more and more interested in enrolling in an English course. I spoke with my father and my cousin about this and they agreed it would be a good thing to do.

My cousin had good connections with some NGOs and English courses. After a few weeks, my cousin came to our house to tell me about an English language program from the USA – the ROYA Mentorship Program. The concept of the program was different. The students who had financial challenges and were highly committed to learning English could attend the program. I knew I was one of those students. Through ROYA, I started my English classes in November 2016 at Pioneer English Center at the elementary level.

The ROYA Mentorship Program changed my life by helping me reach one of the greatest goals in my life – learning English. It has helped me to see that by working hard, reaching my other goals could be possible too. I want to become a doctor so that I can treat the impoverished people in my community. I also want to be an English instructor so that other students can succeed as I have done through ROYA’s English Program in Bamyan.

I would really like to thank my kind sponsor, Doulat Bibi Aliyar, who has financially supported and encouraged me so far, Mrs. Kara Lozier who made this opportunity possible, and Mr. Asif Sultani, who coordinates and manages the ROYA project in Bamyan.



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