Below are excerpts from essays that some of the ROYA-Kabul students wrote about their recent trip to the Children Museum of Science & Technology – the first and only Children’s Museum for Science & Technology in Afghanistan. A slideshow with additional photos appears at the end of the essays.

DSC_2312Amir: When all the students came to center, then we got on the bus. On the way, the driver played an English song and it was fantastic for me. When we arrived at the science museum, the teachers of science museum greeted us inside. Every group went to separate rooms and our group went to a room which there were something like how a baby is created in the mother’s stomach. Then some of the students from our group wore the doctor’s uniform and acted as a doctor. After wearing the doctor’s uniform, the teacher told them to perform a surgery operation of a plastic man which they did very well. After finishing the medicine section, we went to another room and there was a big projector on which something was written like: how the earth was came into being. And it was perfect for me and there were many parts.

DSC_2400Setara: We will always remember that one of our wonderful days was on January 15th when we went to museum. It was a beautiful day for every one of us. We experienced new things and we obtained information about astronomy, biology etc. We did some practical works, took pictures, and watched videos. So we learned everything.  Before going to museum I thought that it’s an international place and it will be a boring place. But when I went there, it was different, a fantastic and enjoyable place.

DSC_2401Abdullah: On January 15th, at 12:00 o’clock in the afternoon we went to museum for sightseeing. The museum was small, but that was good. We did practical works and also we saw good video in the museum. After that we went to the science room and we performed practical works and that was really amazing for us. At the end, we took lots of photos and we enjoyed our trip to the museum. In museum we had teachers who explained scientific things for us. At 4:00 o’clock we left the museum.

DSC_2471Mahmooda: We went to museum last week and we met great people. They were very nice to guests and they spoke very well and the museum was a very beautiful place. I am sure that a lot of people will go to see it. I also learned about chemistry and ground and I had some questions from our teacher. They gave us some other information about earth. We watched a video about earth which was a very good information.

Zia: For the first time we went to science museum. Before that we hadn’t gone to any museum and this experience was unforgettable for us. It was far from our home and we went there by bus. Till then we hadn’t seen any science museum or any other kind of museum. We were surprised therefore. We were very happy. We were counting minutes for our arrival to the museum. We were imagining about how it would look like.

DSC_2413When the bus stopped, all of us said ‘wow!!’ It was very beautiful. There were three people inside who helped us. There were three rooms. The first room belonged to geology class and we went in it and a person gave information about geology. The second room was chemistry class. In this class there was another person who gave us information about atom. Then we were taught about how volcanic eruptions take place. The third room was about earth. They showed a film of the earth that showed how the earth came into being. So we have practical knowledge of geology and of chemistry from the seventh grade till tenth grade. They were very kind and we were happy because we learned many things. It was a new place for us and it was great.

DSC_2366Maryam: We went to the museum on Monday. It was very good for me and I was so happy and we went into the chemistry class. We knew about everything. We went to the museum on the bus and it was really good. We wore doctor’s uniforms and it was interesting for me. After that we watched a movie on a computer about the earth.

DSC_2468Faizullah: When we went to museum we went by bus. Then we arrived to museum. When we went in the museum, it was very fantastic and we enjoyed from that. At first we studied about biology. Then we wore doctor’s uniforms. After that we worked. Then Sir Shoaib took our photo. then we went to the chemistry section that was good. Then we went to physic subject that was great. Then we went to know about planets. Then we come to know about how the earth came into being. Museum was very good and we enjoyed.


Enjoy the following slideshow with other photos from our museum visit. We would like to thank photographers, Hussain Danesh and Sajjad Hussaini, for the photographs.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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