Article written by: Mahbooba Mohammadi

In August 2017, five ROYA students from Kabul and four ROYA students from Bamyan attended the second Afghan Girls Leadership Program. Freshta Ahmadi, one of our first ROYA students from Bamyan, returned this year and served as a group leader. The following article was written by ROYA student and participant, Mahbooba Mohammadi. Read about the program attended by ROYA students Freshta Ahmadi, Mahbooba Mohammadi, Zahra Ahmadi, Hakima Amiri, Zahra Rezaee, Setara Qasemi, Farzana Samar, Ruqia Jafari, and Freshta Mehraeen.

20800131_1770316339926933_9052189040149176770_nFrom August 12th to 22nd, I attended the Afghan Girls Leadership Program (AGLP) in Kabul. AGLP is a program for girls who want to be leaders or role models for other women and girls and encourages participants to be the person they really want to be. This program was established by Basira Daqiq who is studying and working abroad. I admire her because she is still trying to help the girls of her country. Assisting her were Arifa Rezai, Meherbanoo Mirzayee, Yalda Yaqubi and Freshta Ahmadi. The program’s goals are to train girls to be more talented, strong and good leaders, and to help produce and support future, young, Afghan women leaders.

20881848_1771212649837302_6491345365347419462_nThe 2017 Afghan Girls Leadership Program was a very beneficial and educational program which encouraged and trained girls to be good leaders. There were many different components in the program which gave us many benefits and helped us improve ourselves.

20915125_1771775086447725_4026703351826867274_nOn the first day, we had to think about the different problems in our society and find solutions for them. In some of the days, we had to develop action plans for these problems as a community service project. One of our community service projects was to help and encourage children in the Women for Afghan Women’s Children’s Support Centers. In addition, we had Skype video calls with educated people from different countries and visits from special guest speakers, which were very helpful for the participants to learn from them.

20954101_1772616219696945_2330031505799824111_nAside from these activities, we learned many things about technology and created some new electric things. Because of these, I am very happy that I could take part and get lots of experiences, and also learned many good things from my dear leaders, those who really helped me. Now I am really changed. I became more and more sociable. This program inspired me to search for people to find their problems and help to solve those problems for them.

21122651_1774425616182672_2037108466531921426_oThis was the most beneficial program for all of the participants. We all were facing new things, and having new experiences which were so helpful for us, especially for me. I learned how I should act when I am facing problems and how to interact with people. In conclusion, I want to say, I am thankful to the kind and respectful leaders of AGLP.

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